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The City of Tallmadge has a number of fine city parks, open air pavilions and enclosed pavilions throughout the community.

The City of Tallmadge has made park improvements a high priority in the past and this trend will continue. Improvements in park design, landscaping, and facility amenities have made Tallmadge parks better than ever. A major improvement has taken place at Memorial Park/Mack Burleson field. Ball field lights, landscaping, and field improvements will make these fields one of the premier baseball fields in the state.

The 2 miles of mulched Nature/Hiking trails at Maca Park will lead visitors along one of the most scenic, wooded areas in our city. The trails start at an information center (kiosk) located near the front parking lot.

Metro Parks Serving Summit County maintains the newly opened Tallmadge Meadows area of Munroe Falls Metro Park.  Two trails (Meadow Loop and Meadow Trail) pass through the former County Home acreage acquired by Metro Parks in 2007.

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