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Located at 10 Tallmadge Circle

When you think of the City of Tallmadge, the one image that comes to mind first is our beautiful Tallmadge Circle Park. This 4.5-acre park is truly a special place. The history of the city is focused on Tallmadge Circle. With improvements in renovating the Old Town Hall and the Tallmadge Church, these historic landmarks help keep our history and tradition alive. The Circle Park serves as a spotlight for several community functions as well as a scenic backdrop to the busy hub of traffic that uses Tallmadge circle every day. Thanks to the efforts of countless volunteers and workers, people will enjoy this "special place" for years to come.

The park,. as well as the Historic Church and the Old Town Hall, can be rented for either personal or business use.

For reservation information, please call:

Tallmadge Circle Park; City of Tallmadge Clerk of Council: (330) 633-0856.

The Historic Church; City of Tallmadge Facility Rentals: (330) 633-0855.

The Old Town Hall; Tallmadge Historical Society:  email at: tallmadgehistoricalsociety@gmail.com.

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