1. Administration

    Here you can learn about the divisions the Administration Department is responsible for: budgeting, government liaison, economic development, and strategic planning.

  2. Community Development

    The Community Development Program is administered by the Community Development Manager who is appointed by the Mayor.

  3. Economic Development

    The Tallmadge Economic Development office is the primary point of contact and liaison to the business community. We are dedicated to creating opportunities that will support the growth and vitality of the community through job retention, growth and attraction activities.

  4. Finance Department

    Gather more information about the staffing and duties of the Finance and Tax Office of Tallmadge.

  5. Fire Department

    The division of Fire and Emergency Medical Services provides emergency services to the citizens of Tallmadge, as well as fire prevention and education.

  6. Human Resources

    Human Resource functions in the City of Tallmadge government are provided by the Department of Administration.

  7. Information Technology Department

    The Information Systems Department of Tallmadge oversees a variety of skilled and technical work associated with administration, maintenance, implementation, and oversight of the city's computers, network, and telecommunications equipment.

  1. Law Department

    Learn more about the function and responsibilities of the Law Department of the City of Tallmadge.

  2. Parks and Recreation Department

    Within the Recreation Department you will find content for the Recreation Center, Maca Pool, our parks and rentals, programs and events, and register for classes, programs, and sports.

  3. Police Department

    The Tallmadge Police Department proudly serves this community of 17,000, just east of the City of Akron in Summit County.

  4. Public Service

    The Tallmadge Department of Public Service oversees the Street, Water and Sewer, Parks and Recreation, and Zoning Departments as well as bids for public improvement projects, and more.

  5. Street Department

    The Street Department of Tallmadge is a subdivision of the Public Service Department, managing the cemetery, roads, storm water maintenance, and other related duties of the city.

  6. Water & Sewer Department

    The City of Tallmadge Water & Sewer Department is responsible for supplying the residents with potable water through adequate pumping and distribution facilities as well as well maintained sanitary sewer lines.

  7. Zoning Department

    Operating under the Public Service Department, the Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for approving the use and location of all structures located within the City of Tallmadge.