Zoning Department

Operating under the Public Service Department, the Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for approving the use and location of all structures located within the City of Tallmadge.


The Zoning Department processes permits for residential and commercial properties that include the following:
  • Commercial Zoning Permit
  • Residential Zoning Permit
  • Accessory Use Permit (Shed, Fence, Deck)
  • Street Opening/Right of Way Permit
  • Contractor Registration for those working in the Right of Way
  • Sign Permit
  • Peddler (Solicitor Permits)
  • Water Permits
  • Sewer Permits
  • Use and Occupancy Permit

​Boards and Commission Processes

The Zoning Department also coordinates Boards and Commission processes that include the following:
  • Amendments to the zoning map
  • Appearance standards in the Design Control Overlay District (DCOD)
  • Conditional zoning
  • Major subdivision plans
  • Minor lot splits and other zoning requests
  • Zoning appeals