Peddlers Registration & Do Not Knock List

​Solicitors & Peddlers

Per Chapter 733 of the Tallmadge Codified Ordinances, every peddler and itinerant vendor, before engaging in the business of selling, bartering or soliciting orders for or offering for sale any thing of value, or who solicits for services of any kind or character within the City, shall secure a permit to do so in the manner hereinafter described.  A separate permit is required for each peddler, solicitor, agent, or employee peddling or soliciting within the municipality.

Peddlers Registration

To obtain a permit, contact the Planning & Zoning Department for an application. Application will require a $25 non-refundable fee. The process will require a background check, which may take a minimum of 3 days. Background checks are handled by our Police Department.
Once approved, the permit will be issued for a maximum of 30 days. New applications may be made at the end of these 30 days and will include another background check.

Permits must be on your person at all times while peddling in the City of Tallmadge. Soliciting without a permit may result in a charge of criminal trespass.

For complete rules and regulations on peddling and/or soliciting in our city please review the Tallmadge Codified Ordinances.

Do Not Knock List

The City of Tallmadge offers a Do Not Knock List for all residents to prevent any registered peddlers and/or solicitors from coming to your door. Any peddlers and/or solicitors who have been issued a permit from our department will have access to our Do Not Knock List before canvassing our city.

To be added to the Do Not Knock List, contact the Planning and Zoning Department or you may print the Do Not Knock List form (PDF) for you and your neighbors on your street to sign and mail in.

Guidelines for Registration for the Do Not Knock List

  1. Only one adult owner, lessee, or occupant for any address.
  2. A signature is required
  3. Registration is in effect for five years
  4. Written notice to remove is required
  5. Lists will be maintained by street in the Planning and Zoning Department.
  6. The Planning and Zoning Department will add a caution to check "Do Not Knock" registration on the peddlers/solicitors application
  7. Anyone solicited whose address is on the list should contact the Tallmadge Police Department by calling the non-emergency line 330-633-2181. Any violator is subject to a charge of criminal trespass if the registrant wants to prosecute.