Gas & Electric Aggregation Services

The city strives to provide its citizens with a low and stable price for their natural gas during the heating season. With other options available, such as those offers you receive in the mail, we understand that it can be confusing. Essentially, while the city program cannot "guarantee" you the lowest cost, it does provide you with a choice that offers a known cost in advance of the heating season, and a guarantee that it will not increase. Ultimately, the choice of who you choose as your natural gas supplier remains yours.
  1. Electric Aggregation
  2. Gas Aggregation

Electric Aggregation

The City of Tallmadge has contracted with First Energy Solutions for electric aggregation. 

Resident & Business Savings

Residents are guaranteed to save 6% off "your price to compare" for electric generation and transmission as a member of the aggregate through May 2018. City of Tallmadge businesses will receive a 4% discount. 
Beginning June 2018, the rate will change to a 3-year fixed 4.95 cents/KWh with no early termination fee.

For More Information

If you have any questions or want to join, please call First Energy Solutions at 866-636-3749. First Energy Solutions maintains all account information. There is a $25 cancellation fee to leave the program for another before the contract expires. 

Research Prices

Anyone wishing to research prices of either gas or electric aggregation for themselves can access a resource at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio's Apples to Apples website.