Recycling Resources

Republic Waste Services Recycling

Republic Waste provides a 65 gallon green recycling cart to residents. To obtain a cart for your home  call Republic Services at 800-247-3644. Place all plastic containers, glass food and beverage containers, metal cans, news & office paper, cardboard, cereal boxes, milk and juice cartons in the recycle container. Mix all recyclable items together. Empty and rinse bottles and cans.

Do Not Recycle

There are certain items that should never be placed in your recycle carts:
  • Bottle tops, small prescriptions bottles and plastic silverware - these get caught in the recycle machine sorters causing breakdown. Just throw them in the trash.
  • Large plastic toys - anything larger than a 5 gallon bucket cannot be accepted. Consider donating instead!
  • No broken glass, mirrors, plate glass, Pyrex glass or drinking glasses in your recycle cart.
  • Paper towels, wax paper, Styrofoam, aluminum foil, light bulbs, and batteries are not recyclable.
  • Pizza boxes - if greasy or food stained just throw them out!
  • Plastic grocery bags - these may be recycled at your grocery store. Also no plastic wrap or bubble wrap is accepted.
  • Shredded paper - gets into glass bottles and jars. decreasing their recycling value. Recycle your shredded paper by placing in a  bag and dropping in one of the paper recycling bins located at our schools and churches.
  • NO leaves, grass, dirt or yard waste should be placed in the recycle container.
  1. Electronics Recycling
  2. Household Hazardous Waste
  3. Textile Recycling
  4. Simple Recycling

Electronic Recycling

The City of Tallmadge hosts a biennial Electronics Recycling Drive event. Our most recent event in September 2017 process over 880 vehicles and filled 8 53' Semi-Trailers full of electronic waste.

Next Event

There is no Electronics Drive currently scheduled. In the meantime, please check out Summit Reworks for more information on Electronics recycling.