Water & Sewer Department

Duties & Responsibilities

The City of Tallmadge Water and Sewer Department is responsible for supplying the residents with potable water through adequate pumping and distribution facilities. As part of the maintenance and operation of the water works system we are responsible for:
  • Billing
  • Construction
  • Extension
  • Metering
  • Reconstruction
  • Repair 
Additional duties also include repairs, cleaning, and metering of the sanitary sewer system in District I.

Water Source

The potable water comes from Lake Rockwell, is treated at Akron's nearby water supply plant and then pumped through three force mains to equalizing reservoirs. Tallmadge has the water pumped through two force mains and then through our pump station.

Water Quality Report

Every year we are required by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to produce a water quality report.

For more information, or to access the completed Consumer Confidence/Water Quality Reports, view the Water Quality Report archive.

Sanitary Sewers

The City of Tallmadge sanitary sewer lines are divided into two districts, appropriately named District I and District II.

District I

District I sewer goes to the Akron treatment plant and is maintained by the City of Tallmadge. Residents tied into this sewer are billed by the city of Tallmadge.

District II

District II sewer goes to the Fishcreek plant, which is owned, maintained and operated by Summit County's Department of Environmental Services (DOES).

As of January 1, 2011, the Tallmadge residents tied into this sewer system are billed for sewer charges by the city of Tallmadge.

Septic Systems

Summit County Public Health (SCPH) will begin issuing Operation Permits to homeowners with Septic Systems on May 28, 2015. SCPH will mail Operation Permits to homeowners with septic systems that discharge treated effluent or that have been installed since 2007.

For More Information

Please visit the Summit County Public Health website for more information on maintaining your home septic system.