Water & Sewer Billing

The city of Tallmadge bills for water, sewer, and storm water. The city is divided into three sections and bills are generated every three months. All bills are due around the 20th of the month.

Water Readings on Bills

Water readings are in cubic feet which equals 7.48 gallons. The bill shows a previous read, current read and the consumption billed.

Unpaid Bills

Failure to receive your bill does not excuse a penalty or payment. Unpaid bills will result in water service shut off and a $40 turn off fee. Any returned checks will be charged an NSF fee of $13 and any returned Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments will be charged a $15 fee.

Utility Billing Complaints

Complaints should be directed to the Billing Manager at 330-633-0851, within 10 days of the bill date. Once a complaint is received, the Billing Manager will investigate and notify the customer of the decision within a timely manner.

You can request a hearing with the Director of Public Service if not satisfied with the explanation. Penalties will be suspended during the investigation period.

Rental Property Billing & Owner Notice

Rental property shall be billed to the owner as the responsible party. An Owner Notice Request (PDF) must be filled out and returned to the Water Department to have the bill mailed to the renter and a duplicate bill to the landlord.  This does not relinquish responsibility of the owner for unpaid balances. 

Seasonal Use of Meters

If service to an account is seasonal in nature, and the owner requests a termination of the service for a period of a minimum of one billing cycle, a charge shall be made for turning off the meter and for turning it back on. If water is turned back on during a seasonal period, there will be a minimum bill generated.

The charge for each trip shall be $20 and will be included on the water and sewer bill. All charges will be suspended, including storm water. Upon reactivation of the account, the storm water charges will include the period of turn off.