Summit County Reverse Alert

Reverse Alert is a unique component to the County of Summit Emergency Notification and Warning System. The service is capable of warning citizens of severe threats to health and safety by sending emergency messages to email addresses, hearing impaired receiving devices and telephone lines (business lines, cellular phones and home numbers).

Register for the Service

All Summit County citizens with published telephones numbers listed in the white pages (business and residential lines) will receive Reverse Alert emergency messages. Messages will also be dispatched to citizens who register their communication devices for this unique service.

The more personal lines of communication you register with Reverse Alert, the more likely you are to receive an emergency message in a timely and efficient manner.

If there is a change to your personal contact information, simply access your Reverse Alert profile and update your information.

All personal contact information registered in the Reverse Alert system will be protected, kept strictly confidential and will only be used for emergency purposes. 

Reverse Alert
Summit County Reverse Alert