COVID-19 Tallmadge Recreation Center Reopening

Tallmadge Recreation Center Reopening

Updated September 28, 2020 — We are excited to welcome you back into the Recreation Center! We have reviewed the Responsible RestartOhio guidelines and adjusted our layout and operations accordingly. We are dedicated to creating a safe environment for our employees and members alike. Because of this, the Recreation Center you will see upon your return will look a bit different than the one you left in March. Here are a few things to know:

COURT AND FIELD Reopening Guidelines

  • Basketball Court 1 will be open for member use during open hours. 
  • Basketball Court usage is open to one individual or household per hoop. 
  • The Soccer Field will be open for member use when not in use for Tallmadge Parks and Recreation sponsored programming.
  • The Soccer Field is open for individual or small group practice only.
  • No pick-up games are permitted on either the court or the field. 
  • Users must bring their own equipment. 
  • Users must wear masks while practicing on the court or field.
  • All other COVID-19 guidelines remain in effect. 

 CHILD CARE Reopening Guidelines

  • Childcare will be open 9 am-12 pm Monday through Friday.    
  • Attendance is limited to 9 children at a time. 
  • Children will have their temperature taken upon arrival. Those with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will not be permitted to attend. 
  • Parents are asked to screen their children for symptoms of COVID-19 and to keep them home if they are ill. 
  • Children must sanitize their hands upon arrival and departure from the childcare area. 
  • School-age children are required to wear masks. 
  • The playground structure will be closed until further notice. 
  • Toys will be limited and swapped out on rotation. 
  • All toys and furniture will be sanitized daily. 
  • All other facility COVID-19 precautions and guidelines will remain in effect.


We will have new hours of operation to allow time for deep cleaning and disinfection of the facility.

 Monday-Friday6 am-8 pm
Saturday8 am-2 pm


  • Soccer Leagues will return for November. Flyers will be done by the end of the week.
  • Community All Star Basketball will return in December. This league will be on a much smaller scale this year. Flyers should be available soon.
  • Adult football and basketball will return in January.
  • We are working on bringing back Home School Gym in October, but nothing is definite yet. 

Recreation Center Reopening Guidelines

  • The Recreation Center will be open to members only, ages 16 and over, until further notice.
  • Six feet of distance is required for members and employees at all times (social distancing). All equipment has been measured and placed no closer than 6 feet apart.
  • All members will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering the facility.
  • Signage outlining the symptoms of COVID-19 will be posted at the entrance. Members are required to conduct a self-assessment and answer COVID-19 screening questions upon arrival. Anyone reporting symptoms will not be permitted to enter the facility.  
  • All employees and members are required to wear masks.
  • Upon entrance to the second-floor fitness area, each member will be given a spray bottle and towel. Members are required to sanitize equipment before and after use. Spray bottles should be returned to the fitness desk for sanitization when finished.
  • Recreation Center staff will continuously complete disinfection of all high-touch areas, surfaces, equipment, and restrooms.
  • Signage will be posted throughout the facility outlining screening/symptoms, handwashing/sanitizing, distancing guidelines and directional cues.
  • Doors will be propped open when possible to eliminate high-touch areas.
  • Showers and locker room areas will not be available for use. Members are encouraged to come dressed to workout and clean up at home.
  • Some lockers and cubbies are available for use.
  • Restrooms should have limited users and users are asked to maintain social distancing.
  • Employees will be provided manuals and training as it pertains to COVID-19 prevention and mandates required.
  • Employees will complete a self-assessment prior to coming to work and will not be permitted to come to work if exhibiting symptoms.
  • A “lost and found” will not be maintained.
  • Water fountains and bottle filling stations will not be available. Please bring water from home.
  • The Recreation Center will be opening in phases. At this initial phase, certain areas will not be available, and hours will be limited to provide employees time to sanitize the facility.

We have increased our already stringent cleaning procedures throughout our facility and have dedicated staff to clean all high-touch areas continuously throughout the day. Thank you in advance for your assistance and cooperation in cleaning the fitness equipment before and after you use it. We will provide you with the supplies to accomplish this.

These guidelines and protocols have been put in place in accordance with the Responsible RestartOhio guidelines. We appreciate your cooperation in following them. Those who do not feel comfortable returning to the facility at this time may request to keep their membership on hold until they are comfortable coming back.

We are currently planning to open other areas of the facility in phases as permitted by the various authorities and as safety permits. We will announce openings of other areas as appropriate and will keep you informed as changes occur.