Zoning Code

The zoning code regulates the impacts of land use in our City. The review of the zoning code was done during a two-year period and is currently in draft format. Click on the links below to see the whole zoning code or by title.

Operating under the Public Service Department, the Planning & Zoning Department oversees compliance with the zoning regulations as regulated by our zoning code.

Introduction to the 2021 Draft Zoning Code

The City of Tallmadge, together with consultants OHM, has audited, researched and assembled an updated Zoning Code for the City of Tallmadge. This involved a detailed review of processes, codes and modern land use regulations. This presentation gives an overview of the proposed Zoning Code, highlighting changes, updates and upgrades to provide zoning regulations that align with the Comprehensive Plan.

Zoning Code Response Opens in new windowAccess the response to questions and answers to the draft here:

Zoning Code Map

Zoning divides our city into districts and regulates the use of the land and the dimensions, location and use of buildings in those districts for the purpose of ensuring safety, health, convenience and the general welfare of the citizens.

PDF Zoning Map

This version does not include individual property addresses.

Interactive Property Search

The Summit County GIS online map allows you to search for or zoom to a specific property and view the zoning classification (by selecting Summit County Zoning - Tallmadge in the Layer List)  as well as aerial photos, approximate property boundaries, owner information and data provide by the County Auditor.

Environmental Viewer

This version of the Summit County GIS online map allows you to view floodplains, riparian setbacks and soils.