Permit - Connecting to the Tallmadge Sewerlines


The City of Tallmadge now offers 
online submittals for 
Water & Sewer and Right-of-Way Permit Applications and Contractor Registrations.

The online application portal simplifies the application process, improves customer experience and reduces the need for in-person visits. With 24/7 direct access, you can now track the process of applications, schedule inspections, upload additional documents and communicate with staff.


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Residential/Commercial Sewer Laterals

The following steps will help you through the New Sewer Lateral Procedure: 

STEP 1 Schedule a Site Visit. It is crucial to identify where the water utility is located and in decide the best placement for your sewer tap before any excavation is done. The sewer lateral is not allowed to be installed within the driveway. At least a 48-hour notice is necessary to schedule a site visit. During the site visit, a completed application must be signed for approval by the Utilities Department (see step 2). This must be done before the permit can be issued. To schedule your site visit, call 330-633-0851. 

STEP 2 Complete a Water and Sewer Permit Application, available at the Zoning Department, 46 North Ave, lower level or download here. APPLICATION MUST BE SIGNED AT THE SITE VISIT

STEP 3 Submit the application and necessary fees. Once the site visit is completed and the location for sewer lateral is determined, you will need to submit the approved Water and Sewer Permit Application and pay the necessary fees at the Zoning Department. The cost of the permit is a minimum of $700 plus additional costs (Right-of-Way Bond and/or inspection fees), if necessary. In the event that a Right-of-Way Bond is required, the Contractor will be required to register with the City prior to issuance of the permit. The bond will be returned once all required inspections are completed by the Utilities Department. 

STEP 4 Install the sewer line. The sewer main wye connection and sewer lateral can be installed by the contractor once all forms have been approved and the project has been scheduled with the Utilities Department. If the sewer wye and tap connection is already in the ground, the contractor must locate the sewer line. The City may provide general markings and locations (if records exist) for the sewer tap/pipe after an OUPS request has been submitted. OUPS can be reached at 1-800-362-2764 or by dialing 811.  

Please contact the Utilities Department at 330-633-0851, Monday-Friday, 6:30 am to 3:00 pm with any questions.

Please note that as the property owner, you are responsible for the installation of the sewer line that runs from the house to the sewer main. The following standards must be followed: 

  • All sanitary sewers shall be in conformance with Chapter 921 Sewers and Chapter 925 Sewage Disposal Rates of Street, Utilities and Public Service Code.
  • A sewer service lateral will not be installed in the same ditch with a water service. Water and sewer pipes shall always maintain a 10-foot horizontal and 18-inch vertical clearance.
  • All sanitary sewer laterals shall be laid at not less than 1% grade and no greater than 10% grade. This applies from point of invert pipe at fixture or floor drain entrances to sewer main entrance, such fixtures or drains being the last to enter the service.
  • No laterals are permitted out of manholes.
  • Each sanitary sewer lateral shall have a cleanout installed 10’ outside of the building structure. Line must be straight from the house to the wye connection.
  • All sewer lateral services will be constructed of SDR 35 PVC push joint style pipe with rubber gasket of uniform size of 6 inches, except branches therefrom at and around the building structure to be drained, which branches shall be not less than 4 inches.
  • Any connections made will be shall be watertight and shall not protrude into the sewer, done using a “Strong Back” reinforced Fernco style coupling or one of a similar type pre-approved by the City of Tallmadge. All materials used shall be compatible with each other and with the pipe materials to be joined and shall be corrosion proof.
  • If a saddle type connection is used, it shall be a device designed to join with the types of pipe which are to be connected.
  • Sanitary sewer materials shall meet ASTM D-3034 with joints conforming to ASTM D-3212. Bedding shall conform to ASTM D-2321, being of crushed 57 limestone 6” below and 18” above the pipe.
  • All excavation within existing pavement shall be filled with Control Density Fill (Low Strength Mortar) per ODOT CMS .
  • Repair of existing pavements in trench areas shall conform to the details shown on Sheet SD-9 of the Tallmadge Construction Drawings. The homeowner/contractor is responsible for any landscape repairs.
  • All sewer lines must be inspected by the Utilities Dept. before backfilling, especially those with unions, joints, and other fittings
  • The sewer lateral shall not be installed directly across from or underneath the driveway approach