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1. What do I do if my ditch is not flowing or draining properly?
2. What are my responsibilities and requirements for pouring a new driveway approach?
3. How do I request a ditch enclosure?
4. Who should I contact to report storm water problems/issues?
5. I need to tie into the City storm sewer. What are my responsibilities and requirements?
6. Who do I contact if I notice a street light is out?
7. I have discovered a traffic signal that is not working properly or has a bulb burned out. Who should I contact?
8. When will my street be plowed, salted, or cleared after a big snow storm?
9. The snow plow/truck damaged my lawn! Who should I contact to report it and request repairs?
10. Who should I notify if my mailbox was damaged/knocked down by a snow plow?
11. Where can I drop off my brush?
12. My driveway approach has a sink hole forming or water is not flowing?
13. Who should I contact about a dead animal in the roadway?
14. My driveway or cul-de-sac is plowed in. Will you come out and clear it?