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The Heritage Commission shall consist of five (5) members appointed by the Mayor, at least four of whom shall be residents of the City. One member shall be the representative (an employee) of a business that is located in the Design Control District under the jurisdiction of the Heritage Commission and who need not be a resident of the City.

The persons appointed to the Commission shall be chosen on the basis of their training, education and experience in matters relating to the appearance and use of buildings and land for the purpose of protecting the distinctive architectural and historic character of the Design Control District of the City.

The Design Control District shall be defined by the Council to include but need not be limited to, the area encompassing Tallmadge Circle and all contiguous properties.

Powers and Duties
The Heritage Commission shall have the same powers and duties of the Design Control Board provided for by ordinance or as those powers and duties may be changed by ordinance relating to the maintenance, safeguarding and enhancement of the distinctive architectural and historic character of the Design Control District and in such areas to protect and preserve property, promote the stability of property values and protect real estate from impairment or destruction of value, which powers shall include the authority to issue Certificates of Appropriateness under the following guidelines:

No structure within the original Design Control District, as defined in T.C.O. 
Section 1175.03(b) shall be modified, altered, removed, relocated or otherwise 
changed until a Certificate of Appropriateness has been issued by the Heritage

No structure on the List of Recognized Heritage Structures (LRHS) and outside
of the original Design Control District, as defined in T.C.O. Section 1175.03(b)
shall:  (1) be demolished; (2) be moved; or (3) alter the original historic structural
character of the building without a Certificate of appropriateness and complying
to Section 1175.08.

Final actions of the Heritage Commission on any application requiring the approval of the Commission may be appealed by the applicant to the Board of Zoning Appeals, within the time and upon such other conditions as provided by ordinance. A three-fourths (3/4) vote of 
the members of the Board of Zoning Appeals is required to overrule a decision of the  Heritage Commission. 

Meeting Schedule:
If items are submitted for the Board's agenda, meetings will be held on the last Tuesday of the month.

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