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The Planning & Zoning Commission consists of five (5) members, who shall hold no other office or position, elected or appointed, within the City, appointed for a staggered term of six (6) years. The members of the Planning & Zoning Commission are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council. 

The Planning and Zoning Commission meets the first Thursday of each month. The deadline for application consideration at a meeting is two weeks prior to meeting date. The Director of Law, or a member of her staff, shall attend such meetings and serve as legal advisor to the Commission.

The powers and duties of the Planning & Zoning Commission are as provided for as municipal planning commissions by general law except as otherwise provided by ordinance. At least four (4) affirmative votes are required of the members to change any property zoned residential to commercial, industrial or conditional-use classification. At least five (5) affirmative votes of Council shall be required for passage of any ordinance or resolution that is contrary to a recommendation of the Planning & Zoning Commission. 

Meeting Schedule:
If items are submitted for the Board's agenda, meetings will be held on the first Thursday of the month.

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