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The City of Tallmadge operates under a Mayor-Council form of government. The Mayor is the chief executive and administrative officer and serves a four-year term. The other elected officers are the Director of Finance, the Director of Law and the City Council. Council consists of seven (7) members, four of whom are elected from each of the four wards and are known as Ward Council Members, and three are elected from the City at large and are known as At-Large Council Members. All Council members are elected to serve four-year terms. However, the terms of the Ward Council Members are staggered by two years from the At-Large Council Members. The president of Council is elected by its members.

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As the legislative authority for the City, Council is responsible for authorizing the appropriations for the annual budget, authorizing the construction of public improvements and for authorizing other legislation that promotes the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Tallmadge.

The Clerk of Council position is a full-time Council appointed position and is responsible for carrying out the administrative functions of City Council. These administrative functions include preparing and maintaining an accurate record of the proceedings of Council and of its Committees, retaining and preserving all laws and ordinances of the City as well as other duties that Council may require. The Deputy Clerk of Council is a part-time Council appointed position providing support in performing the duties of the Clerk’s office. Also, the Clerk and Deputy Clerk are authorized Acceptance Agents for the National Passport Agency and as such are able to provide passport acceptance services to the residents of the area. (For information on Passports Click here ).

City Council’s Regular meetings are normally held at City Hall in Council Chambers at 7:00 pm on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. These meetings are designed primarily to act on legislation that has been researched, reviewed and discussed in Committee. There are six (6) committees and they meet as a whole on the Monday preceding the Regular meetings. Communications from the public are encouraged at both the Regular and Committee meetings. However, public input best occurs at the Committee level and discussion is permitted whether it is on the legislation being considered or on any other subject of interest or concern. Regular meetings are considered business meetings and discussion is limited. Public input is limited to approximately two (2) minutes.

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