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The City of Tallmadge maintains many public records that are used in the administration and operations of city government.

The public records maintained by the City of Tallmadge and the ability to access them are a means to provide and ensure public trust.

The City of Tallmadge makes every effort to maintain its public records in a manner which allows the City to provide to the general public prompt inspection of these records and to provide copies of the records within a reasonable amount of time during regular business hours.  

COST:  The first 25 pages of paper records are provided at no fee; additional pages are 5 cents per page.

The City of Tallmadge has a public records policy and a schedule of records retention (RC-2), generally by department. You may obtain a copy of  the POLICY and the RECORDS RETENTION Schedules from the Clerk of Council.

Effective 10-24-2007


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