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Economic Development:

The City offers an attractive opportunity for business growth. Tallmadge’s business establishments, from its largest employer to small family businesses, constitute the opportunity and interests that keeps Tallmadge a vital part of the market place.

Beginning in 1987, the City started to experience steady economic growth, which still continues today.  Relatively low City, School District, County taxes and utility rates, coupled with the availability of land and a skilled and educated labor force have contributed to the City’s development.

The City’s business ratio is approximately 25% industrial facilities and 75% commercial operations. Tallmadge businesses are involved in a diverse range of activities such as rubber and plastic manufacturing, metal fabrication, food processing and trucking. Firms within the city manufacture a wide variety of products including lift gates, electrical components, insulation, gaskets, airplane parts, voice boxes, dental products, wheels, industrial machinery, dies, molds, wood products and polymers.  We continue to attract new medical facilities and eateries. 

Virtually all the major employers in the City are expanding. The majority of employment within the City occurs in businesses housed in 5,000 to 20,000 square foot buildings. Tallmadge’s employment rate remains stable due to this large number of small businesses in the City. Unemployment rates tend to run at least one percent lower than the Akron metropolitan area.  The Business Climate in Tallmadge continues to be excellent!

The Township of Brimfield and the City of Tallmadge have a Joint Economic Development District. The boundaries of the Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) include predominately the areas south of interstate 76 with the exception of the north side of the Route 18 / Route 43 interchange as well as north of 76, west of Mogadore Road and south of Howe Road in the Township. Areas in the City of Tallmadge are not included in the JEDD agreement.

The goal of the JEDD is to work together to develop the Industrial and Commercial areas of the district in conjunction with the Township Zoning Code and overall development plan.  Residents benefit as the area develops with additional employment opportunities while both communities realize increased funding through an income tax.  Funds from the income tax are split by both communities and are used for the provision of services.  Ten percent of all income taxes collected are set-aside in a separate fund to be used exclusively within the commercial and industrial areas of the JEDD by Brimfield Township. 

There are significant areas for development within the JEDD in addition to the established industrial park land adjacent to Interstate 76 and the Route 18 interchange. 

In order to direct plans that promote a sound pattern of development, the City utilizes a Comprehensive Plan adopted by Tallmadge City Council.  This plan defines a unified set of objectives for the development of the community; serves as a guide for the delineation of capital improvement projects and guides private land owners in making individual plans for the development of their property and existing land use investments.

The City will continue to place a major emphasis on economic development within the City as well as within the JEDD in Brimfield Township.  There are numerous sites within the City for development including the Portage Boulevard Industrial Park and within the Circle Redevelopment Area.  There are significant areas for development in the Joint Economic Development District including the Karg Industrial Park, the Sunnybrook / Forge Road area and the land associated with the Interstate 76 / Route 18 interchange.   

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