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MOLLIE GILBRIDE, director of finance

Mollie Gilbride is the Director of Finance for the City of Tallmadge. The Finance Office is staffed with four full-time and two part-time employees responsible for fulfilling the many functions of the Finance Director's Office.

The Finance Office is responsible for:

  • Processing all City expenditures, this includes reviewing and processing all purchase orders, auditing all invoices received for payment and issuing payments for the City in compliance with local ordinances, state law, and City contracts

  • Processing the City's payroll and the maintenance of all payroll records

  • Maintaining the City's fixed asset records

  • Preparing and publishing the City's Annual Financial Report

  • Managing and investing all City funds

  • Reconciling and monitoring all banking activity and financial reports

  • Issuance of all debt

  • Collection of all revenue for the City including the City's income tax

For property tax information, contact the Summit County Fiscal Office, Treasurer Division at 330-643-2588.

Financial Reports

2015 Community Report

2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

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