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The Cemetery Sexton is the Public Service Director. 

The Tallmadge Cemetery is located on South Avenue and off Southwest Avenue. There are two sections to the Cemetery. The Old Cemetery is accessed from the entrance from Southwest Avenue – Lots are numbered 1 through the 700s. The New Cemetery is accessed from five entrances off South Avenue – there are Sections A-E. There are 10 grave spaces in each Lot number. Grave spaces are numbered right to left in Sections 1-300. All other sections are numbered left to right. The head of the grave is located at the top of the space, facing east.

rave spaces may be purchased by residents or non-residents. The cost for a non-resident is higher because the City of Tallmadge taxes are used to maintain and care for the Cemetery.

There is a “Baby Section” in the New Cemetery in section C-19. At this time, this section is filled.  Another “Baby Section” is located in the Old Cemetery at OC-622.  

The Tallmadge Cemetery does not have a “Potter’s Field” but indigent burials are performed as required by state law.

All grave spaces purchased, record keeping, burial arrangements, work orders, and complaints or questions are handled through the Planning and Zoning Department. Work in the Cemetery is performed by the Street Department (clean up, digging of graves, foundations for monuments, etc.). An average of 60-70 burials are processed each year. 

Regulations including fees can be found in Chapter 941 of the Tallmadge Codified Ordinances. Rules & Regulations for the Cemetery are established by the Cemetery Sexton and a copy may be picked up in the Planning & Zoning Department.


Rules & Regulations

  • No burials on Sundays or Holidays.

  • No burial shall be permitted until the purchase price of the grave space has been paid in full.

  • To qualify for “Baby Section” charges, the vault cannot exceed forty-eight inches in length.

  • Cremated remains may be placed on existing graves.




Schedule of Cemetery Fees
  Resident   Non-Resident
Grave Site $1,000   $2,200
Baby Section Site $300   $800
Columbarium Niche Single (includes inurnment) $1,000   $2,200
Columbarium Niche Double (includes inurnment) $1,500   $3,000
Grave Opening/Closing M-F before 3 p.m. $525   $525
Grave Opening/Closing M-F after 3 p.m. & Saturdays $775   $775
Grave Opening/Closing                                                       (Full burial with pre-existing cremains) $1,000   $1,000
Burial of Cremains M-F before 3 p.m. $200   $200
Burial of Cremains M-F after 3 p.m. & Saturdays $350   $350
Baby Section Opening/Closing  $250   $250
Disinterment (Full Burial) $2,000   $2,000
Disinterment (Buried Cremains) $750   $750
Disinurnment from Columbarium $300   $300
Foundation Fee (42”x16”) $100   $100
Misc. Document Fee (Replacement of Documents) $25   $25
Deed Transfer Fee $25   $25

Foundation Requirements



  • Foundations are poured twice a year – April and October. Foundation orders must be at the Cemetery Department by April 1st and October 1st – otherwise they will be poured the next time.

  • A foundation may not be poured until 6 months has passed since the burial – this is to guard against sinking and tipping.

  • Monuments must be placed in the “Monument Area” of the space.

  • Upright and flat monuments are allowed.

  • 42” is allowed on a single space and multiples of that when more than one space is used.

  • No markers are allowed at the bottom of the grave space – this is for maintenance of the cemetery.  Markers have been placed in the “Planting Area” when there is already an upright monument.

Government Markers for Veterans

The Federal government will provide any veteran a grave marker at no cost.  We do charge for the foundation.

  • Most funeral homes provide the client with the application for the Veteran Marker

  • The application is to be signed by the cemetery representative and should identify the space where the marker is to be placed.

  • Veteran markers are delivered to the Planning and Zoning Department.

Veteran markers may be placed on the back of an upright monument, planting area, or serve as the monument (we no longer allow them to be placed at the foot).


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