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The Superintendent for the City of Tallmadge Street Department is Mike Weigand and the Assistant Street Superintendent is John H. Westren.  There are currently sixteen (16) full time employees on staff. The Street Department is responsible for the following duties:

Road Maintenance

  • Patch holes

  • Seal cracks

  • Paving

  • Maintain berms

  • Striping

  • Remove and replace bad sections of both asphalt and concrete streets

  • Provide direction and inspections for citizens and contractors working within the City right-of-ways

Storm Water

  • Design systems

  • Install systems

  • Clean pipes and catch basins

  • Clean ditches and waterways

  • Re-build catch basins and inlets


  • Interments

  • Construct footers for monuments

  • Grounds maintenance

Snow Control

  • Plow and salt roadways

  • Plow and salt City parking lots and sidewalks

Leaf Collection

  • Collect residents leaves

  • Remove leaves from City parks and buildings

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