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September 11 Remembrance

On September 11, the Circle lights up in memory of the firemen, police officers, military personnel and civilians at the World Trade Center, Pentagon and in Shanksville, PA who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.  The 24 hour candleight vigil begins as volunteers light the candles at 8 am on the 11th followed by an invocation.  The candles burn 24 hours. 

The candle ceremony began in 2003 and is organized annually by Tallmadge Firefighters Mike Passarelli and Jeff Quick. 

2976 candles line the sidewalks of the Tallmadge Circle Park: 
   -  343 RED candles for fire department personnel
   -  60 BLUE candles for police personnel
   -  55 GREEN candles for military personnel
   -  2518 WHITE candles for civilians

Assistance is always welcome to set up, light and remove the candles  To volunteer contact Passarelli through the fire department's non-emergency phone line at 330-633-0970.

Donations from the community and local businesses provide funds to purchase the specially made candles from A.I. Root Candle Company of Medina, Ohio.  Each candles lasts approximately five years. 

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